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File Collaboration for Windows and NetApp Systems

Based on Peer's DFSRplus-100 technology, PeerLink was created to provide distributed teams with a fast and efficient way to collaborate with shared files. PeerLink integrates an enterprise-class, real-time synchronization engine with distributed file locking. The real-time synchronization engine ensures that the same data exists on all participating servers, regardless of where changes may occur. The file locking component prevents users from accessing files that are currently being worked on by another user at any location.

The entire system works cross platform between Windows and NetApp systems.



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File Locking for Microsoft DFSR

(The missing feature)

Effective file sharing and collaboration environments require the combination of file replication and locking. Without file locking, users will eventually encounter corrupted files and version conflicts as shared project files are accessed, updated, and replicated by multiple users across multiple servers on a network.

PeerLock Server provides network file locking while local shared files are in use. This ensures that when a user is modifying a file, no other user will be allowed to make changes to that file on any machine that is part of the PeerLock configuration. PeerLock integrates seamlessly with Microsoft DFSR to create a comprehensive collaboration environment.

PeerLock is an entry-level product originally designed to help organizations establish a file collaboration environment by adding file locking, a missing feature, to Microsoft DFSR. Unfortunately, many users discover the lack of file locking in DFSR after they have encountered problems with file version conflicts and corruption.


PeerSync - Migration Edition

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Real-time Data Migration for Windows and NetApp Systems

One of the most challenging aspects of efficiently bringing a new storage system online is the ability to migrate existing data from older systems onto a new storage platform. Resource demands (staff, CPU, data size, bandwidth), and risks (application downtime, performance impact to production systems, technical incompatibilities between heterogeneous environments, data corruption / loss) must be considered and managed to ensure that everything goes as expected.

With our PeerSync Migration Edition and PeerSync Migration Edition for NetApp we can cover the following migration scenarios thanks to our world-class scanning and real-time replication technology:


PeerSync - Backup Edition for Laptops

PeerSync Backup for Laptops

WAN-Optimized Backup for Windows Laptops & Workstations

PeerSync Backup Edition for Laptops is not like your traditional backup solution that creates one large backup file (*.bkf); it actually creates and maintains file and directory replicas on the target server in real-time (if connected) or syncs up all changes the next time users are connected to your organization's network. The following scenarios are supported:

    • Windows Client-to-Windows Server
    • Windows Client-to-NetApp Filer

Since PeerSync Backup Edition for Laptops is a true synchronization solution, data transfer in both directions is very easy. As soon as the laptop is connected, it can also collect data that was deposited for it on the central storage server. The ability to define several backup jobs makes it easy to centrally control the pre-loading of data onto a new laptop or to distribute new files / directories to a group of mobile users.


PeerSync for Servers

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The Standard for File Replication in LAN / WAN Environments
for Windows & NetApp Systems

PeerSync for Servers is the industry standard for file replication and synchronization in WAN environments. Benefitting from over 10 years of continuous refinement, our latest version of PeerSync is ideal for high-volume server transactions over networks using LAN and WAN links, and it offers key features for optimizing the system to your requirements.

PeerSync is job-based and can be configured with multiple jobs per server to operate in the following modes:


PeerSync - Backup Edition for Servers

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WAN-Optimized Real-time Backup for Windows and NetApp

PeerSync Backup Edition for Servers is not your traditional backup solution that creates one large backup file (*.bkf); it actually creates and maintains file and directory replicas on the target server in real-time for the following scenarios:

    • Windows to Windows
    • Windows to NetApp Data ONTAP 7.x and clustered Data ONTAP
    • NetApp Data ONTAP 7.x and clustered Data ONTAP to Windows
    • NetApp Data ONTAP 7.x to clustered Data ONTAP
    • NetApp clustered Data ONTAP to Data ONTAP 7.x

And, thanks to Peer’s integration with NetApp Data ONTAP, PeerSync Backup Edition for Servers delivers a high performance, real-time solution for backing up NetApp servers in branch offices to a centralized NetApp Filer.