PeerLink for File Collaboration

PeerLink provides distributed teams a fast and efficient way to collaborate with shared project files. Unlike other file collaboration solutions that centralize files into a single data repository that cause slow file access across a WAN, PeerLink replicates shared project files to each office site in a distributed environment so that end users are guaranteed high-speed LAN access to shared files no matter of their file size. Version conflicts are prevented through integrated distributed file locking.


Maximized End User Productivity

By keeping hot data local, PeerLink maximizes end user productivity. Because files are close to the users, their applications and compute resources the actual performance is as fast as possible from a physical view. At the same time PeerLink ensures version conflicts are eliminated with file locking.


Easy Roll-out

Whether it is a physical or virtual system, PeerLink can be quickly and easily installed on most major storage platforms. Thus no additional hardware or changes to the existing IT infrastructure is necessary.


PeerLink can be used as a stand-alone collaboration product or as part of Peer Global File Service™ (PeerGFS).


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real-time replication
Real-time replication allows file events to be mirrored to participating servers immediately.
File Locking

distributed file locking
Files being edited at any location will propagate a file lock at all other locations.

Supports major storage platforms including Windows, NetApp, EMC

byte-level replication
Only changed portions of a file are replicated for bandwidth savings.
DFS Namespace Management

Integrated configuration and management of Microsoft DFS namespace.
Central Management Console

configuration console
Configure and monitor collaboration jobs between participating systems.
distributed file manangement

Cross Company Collaboration

A software-only approach enables easy and efficient project file sharing between different domains within an organization or with external companies and contractors.



  • Real-time File Synchronization
  • Multi-Threading
  • Delta-Level Replication
  • Distributed File Locking
  • Multi-Vendor Support
  • Smart Data Seeding
  • Sync-on-Save
  • Easy install and unobtrusive operation
  • Centralized Management & Monitoring
  • Unicode compliant
  • Full Support for Microsoft DFS namespace
  • Admin Log Reporting
  • Email Alerts
  • Software-Only Solution
  • Intelligent Connection Check
  • Cross-Domain and Cross-Active Directory



Integrates with existing on-premise storage infrastructure.


Maximized end-user productivity by providing fast local access to shared project files.


Installs within minutes without any end-user training.

Configuration Example

serverconfiguration example on a worldmap



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