Peer Global File Service™


What is Peer Global File Service?

Peer Global File Service (PeerGFS) in an enterprise solution that solves file service challenges in multi-site and multi-vendor environments. It integrates with on-premises and cloud storage platforms. PeerGFS creates a single unified globally accessible file system to provide all users with fast local access to their data, while simultaneously enabling Real-time Backup and High Availability.


How does PeerGFS work?


PeerGFS is powered by DFSR+®, our patented enterprise-class replication and file locking technology. Integration with most major storage platforms enables real-time file replication between different storage systems so that administrators can freely copy and move data wherever it needs to be. Integrated distributed file locking prevents version conflicts in collaborative environments where the same file exists in multiple locations to allow users fast local access to project files.



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Why use Peer Global File Service?


As a unified set of file services that supports most major storage platforms, PeerGFS provides enterprises with the flexibility to choose and deploy the best storage platform for each unique workload while simultaneously meeting their goals for real-time backup and high availability, project file sharing and collaboration, and synchronization under one comprehensive solution suite.




flexible solution


Integrates with existing on-premise storage infrastructure.



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Easy to install and to deploy to hundreds of sites. No end user training required.



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Maximizes employee productivity by keeping hot data local, close to the users, their applications and compute resources.




Cloud Integration


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Works with CIFS Cloud Gateways from Microsoft, Amazon, Scality and more.

High Availability



Minimized RPO (recovery point objective) and RTO (recovery time objective) due to real-time replication and DFS namespace integration.

Cost Effective


PeerGFS benefit: good value_cost effective


Eliminate the cost for branch office backup by using real-time replication into the Data Center.

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If you have more questions about PeerGFS, feel free to contact us at any time. A Peer representative in your region will contact you as soon as possible to help you find the best solution to meet your requirements.


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