PeerSync Update 9.3.1

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PeerSync Update 9.3.1


What’s new in the PeerSync Update 9.3.1?

The PeerSync Update 9.3.1 is the latest version of PeerSync. It includes significantly increased real-time processing speeds and many more features. 
PeerSync Update 9.3.1
The PeerSync Update 9.3.1 contains the following adjustments:


    • Copy Operations

In the PeerSync Update 9.3.1 we increased the performance of most copy operations.


    • NFS replication

The new version contains improved performance and stability of NFS replication.


    • Enhanced Logic

Also, we enhanced the connectivity checking and retry logic.


    • UI Improvements

Our UI improvements include a new family of product icons.


    • Bug Fixes

The PeerSync Update 9.3.1 includes general bug fixes.


Upgrade Instructions:

Please fill out the form below to update your current PeerSync installation. If your license is under valid maintenance, a new license key will be sent shortly. In case you’re license ran out of maintenance, we will contact you directly for further instructions.

If you are upgrading the current version of PeerSync (9.x to 9.y) simply install the application over your existing PeerSync application and the previous version will be backed up in a sub-folder called ‘BACKUP’ (if the option to keep a backup is selected during the installation).


Find a detailed step by step upgrade instruction here.



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