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PeerLock Update

PeerLock Update 4.2



What’s new at PeerLock 4.2?

The PeerLock Update 4.2 is the latest version of PeerLock. It includes general bug fixes as well as tremendous performance improvements. 




The PeerLock Update 4.2 contains the following adjustments:


    • UI Fixes & Enhancements

We provide the ability to make changes in the PeerLock UI even while the service is running. Those changes will require a restart of the service to take effect.


    • Connectivity Control

The new version includes improved tracking and handling of connectivity errors.


    • Cleanup

Cleanup of lock and temp files after a connection breaks and restores.


    • Performance Improvement

The new version enables a faster performance, including more efficient source file querying to determine how a file is opened and locked.


    • DFSR Integration

DFSR integration defaults are set for all new installs.

Update Instructions:

Please fill out the form below to update your current PeerLock installation. If your license is under valid maintenance, a new license key will be sent shortly. In case you’re license ran out of maintenance, we will contact you directly for further instructions.

If you are running an older version, you will have to request a new license key. Please submit an upgrade request below. 
If you are upgrading the current version of PeerLock (v4.x to 4.y) simply install the application over your existing PeerLock and the previous version will be backed up in a sub-folder called “BACKUP” (if the option to keep a backup is selected during the installation). 


Step By Step Update Instructions


  1. Stop PeerLock.exe  (Check the Task Manager -> Processes from all users to make sure all running instances are closed).

  2. Browse to your existing PeerLock installation folder and rename or delete your PeerLock.exe file (Do this if upgrading in the same install folder).

  3. Run the downloaded .exe upgrade file (read General Information above for information on how to obtain the upgrade).

  4. Once the PeerLock application has been upgraded, restart your PeerLock Service/Application (PLEASE NOTE: If upgrading from 1.x to 2.x, read the Additional Comments on further action needed).

  5. You may be prompted to reboot the server after the install. If prompted please reboot your system to complete the upgrade.





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