PeerLink Update 3.6

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What’s new in the PeerLink Update 3.6? 

The PeerLink Update 3.6 is latest version of PeerLink. It includes the ability to prioritize collaboration jobs and some more adjustments.


The PeerLink Update 3.6 contains the following adjustments:

    • Scalability

Our scalability improvements allow for a larger number of collaboration jobs and agents, while reducing CPU overhead.


    • Settings

The PeerLink Update 3.6 includes the ability to tune multiple threading and performance settings while the collaboration is running.


    • Prioritization Improvements

We improved the prioritization between background and real-time activity, along with the ability to tune prioritization settings while the collaboration is running


    • Revit Worksharing 

The PeerLink Update 3.6 includes performance and stability improvements for Revit Worksharing environments.


    • NetApp cDOT

We improved the performance and ease-of-configuration for NetApp cDOT systems.


    • Windows 

The new PeerLink Version gives support for mount points in Windows environments.


    • Peer Management Center and Peer Agents 

In the PeerLink Update 3.6 we introduce the Peer Management Center and Peer Agents which upgrade the PeerLink Hub and PeerLink Agents to support future solutions based on Peer’s distributed file services framework.


Update Instructions:

Please fill out the form below to update your current PeerLink installation. If your license is under valid maintenance, a new license key will be sent shortly. In case you’re license ran out of maintenance, we will contact you directly for further instructions. 


Starting with File Collaboration v3.6, the PeerLink Hub and PeerLink Agent have been renamed to the Peer Management Center (PMC) and Peer Agent. The interface of the PMC is basically the same as the PeerLink Hub but you will no longer see references to “PeerLink” or the “Hub”. 



Once all installers are in the necessary places, please follow these steps on the server running the PeerLink Hub:


  1. From within the old PeerLink Hub Client, stop all running File Collaboration Jobs and close the Hub Client.
  2. Open the Services manager (services.msc) and stop all services that reference “PeerLink” (such as the “PeerLink Hub Service”).
  3. Navigate to the installation directory of the Hub (typically C:Program FilesPeer SoftwarePeerLink), then into subfolder Hubworkspace.
  4. Select the dbjobs, and prefs folders along with any files that end with .ini. Copy all of these items to a backup location (such as your Desktop).
  5. Run the new Peer Management Center installer. This installer will automatically remove the old version of the PeerLink Hub and move all necessary configurations to a new Peer Management Center installation directory. If prompted during the uninstall process, DO NOT check the option to “Delete all existing session and job data from disk”.
  6. Once the install is complete, open the Peer Management Center Client.
  7. Upgrade all Peer Agents as noted below.
  8. Once all Agents are upgraded and have reconnected, restart the necessary File Collaboration Jobs.


If you will be upgrading the Agents manually or through the PeerLink Hub, please click here to get the step by step instruction.





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