PeerLink Update 3.5

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PeerLink Update 3.5


What’s new in the PeerLink Update 3.5? 

The PeerLink Update 3.5 is the latest version of PeerLink. It includes significantly faster scans on most data sets that have already been scanned once by PeerLink and many more features. 

PeerLink Update 3.5


The PeerLink Update 3.5 contains the following adjustments:

    • Official Support

The new version provides official support for NetApp clustered Data ONTAP, Storage Virtual Machines and Windows 2012/2012 R2 deduplication.


    • Faster Communication

The PeerLink Update 3.5 includes faster communication between a PeerLink Hub/Broker and all Agents, as well as faster and more reliable real-time detection of file events.


    • Scalability and Less Overhead per Job

We ensure enhanced scalability featuring less overhead per job within the Hub, reduced bandwidth for scans, and improvements in the scanning of NTFS security descriptors.


    • Archiving Solutions in Windows Environments

The PeerLink Update 3.5 supports the Alternate Data Stream synchronization and reparse point synchronization utilized by Symantec Enterprise Vault and other archiving/HSM solutions in Windows environments.


    • Optimzed GUI

We provide an optimized UI for both the Hub rich client and Hub web service management consoles.


    • Reporting

In-depth statistical counters will help you to visualize and report where collaboration activity is backlogged in environments with high utilization.


Upgrade Instructions:

Please fill out the form below to update your current PeerLink installation. If your license is under valid maintenance, a new license key will be sent shortly. In case you’re license ran out of maintenance, we will contact you directly for further instructions.


Once all installers are in the necessary places, please follow these steps:
  1. From within the PeerLink Hub Client, stop all running File Collaboration Jobs and close the Hub Client.
  2. Run the new PeerLink Hub Installer. This installer will automatically remove the old version of the PeerLink Hub. If prompted during the uninstall process, DO NOT check the option to “Delete all existing session and job data from disk”.
  3. Once the install is complete, re-open the PeerLink Hub Client. 
  4. Upgrade all PeerLink Agents as noted below.
  5. Once all Agents are upgraded and have reconnected, restart the necessary File Collaboration Jobs.

If you will be upgrading the Agents manually or through the PeerLink Hub, please click here to get the step by step instruction.



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