PeerLink Update 3.8

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Get the latest version of PeerLink with support for new storage platforms and easier configuration.

We are pleased to announce that PeerLink v3.8 is now generally available for purchase, trial download, and as an upgrade for customers subscribed to PeerLink Software Maintenance and Support.



PeerLink v3.8 introduces support for new storage platforms, as well as a number of new features and improvements including:

  • Official launch of support for Nutanix Files (formerly known as Acropolis File Services or AFS) and Dell EMC Unity.


  • Introduction of a new wizard for creating jobs, including automatic optimization for specified application types.


  • Availability of Malicious Event Detection (MED) support for all NAS platforms. More information can be found here.


  • Better support for offline deletion and rename detection.


  • Improvements to real-time and scan performance.


  • General bug fixes and performance improvements.



  • PeerLink v3.8 is deployed as part of Peer Management Center v4.2.


  • An upgraded license is required for customers using PeerLink v3.7 and prior.



Upgrade Instructions:

Please click on the Upgrade Now button and fill out the form to request an upgrade. If you have a valid maintenance contract, a new license key will be sent via email with links to updated installers. If you do not have a valid maintenance contract, we will contact you directly with further instructions.


Once updated keys and installers are received, upgrade steps can be found here.





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