PeerLink Update 3.7

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PeerLink v3.7 is now generally available as an upgrade for customers subscribed to PeerLink Software Maintenance and Support.



PeerLink v3.7 introduces support for new storage platforms, as well as a number of usability and performance enhancements including:

  • Official launch of support for Dell EMC VNX and Isilon storage systems


  • Introduction of Smart Data Seeding to accelerate branch office deployments with large data sets


  • Availability of 64-bit Agents for improved performance and memory utilization on high performance servers


  • Ability to tag and group File Collaboration jobs and Agents in the UI, as well as advanced UI filters and expressions with content assist


  • Support for limiting which jobs a user has access to when logged into the web-based management interface


  • Ability to reconnect a host into an already running File Collaboration job without restarting the entire job


  • Improvements to email alerting, including support for Office 365


  • General bug fixes and performance improvements


  • Note: An upgraded license is required for customers using PeerLink v3.6 and prior

Update Instructions:

Please click on the Upgrade Now button and fill out the form to update your current PeerLink installation. If your license is under valid maintenance, a new license key will be sent shortly. In case your license is not under maintenance, we will contact you directly for further instructions.


Starting with File Collaboration v3.6, the PeerLink Hub and PeerLink Agent have been renamed to the Peer Management Center (PMC) and Peer Agent. The interface of the PMC is basically the same as the PeerLink Hub but you will no longer see references to “PeerLink” or the “Hub”.



Once all installers are in the necessary places, please follow these steps on the server running the PeerLink Hub:


  1. From within the old PeerLink Hub Client, stop all running File Collaboration Jobs and close the Hub Client.
  2. Open the Services manager (services.msc) and stop all services that reference “PeerLink” (such as the “PeerLink Hub Service”).
  3. Navigate to the installation directory of the Hub (typically C:Program Files Peer Software PeerLink), then into subfolder Hubworkspace.
  4. Select the db, jobs, and prefs folders along with any files that end with .ini. Copy all of these items to a backup location (such as your Desktop).
  5. Run the new Peer Management Center installer. This installer will automatically remove the old version of the PeerLink Hub and move all necessary configurations to a new Peer Management Center installation directory. If prompted during the uninstall process, DO NOT check the option to “Delete all existing session and job data from disk”.
  6. Once the install is complete, open the Peer Management Center Client.
  7. Upgrade all Peer Agents as noted below.
  8. Once all Agents are upgraded and have reconnected, restart the necessary File Collaboration Jobs.


If you will be upgrading the Agents manually or through the PeerLink Hub, please click here to get step by step instructions.