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Scality Ring & Peer Software

A Next Generation Approach for Multi-Site Data Management


Enterprises are looking for new ways to enhance their data management strategy to enable high-performance backup and file sharing capabilities across different physical sites. Common issues faced with file sharing and backup solutions using a shared file system include file locking, version control, access performance, and scaling data across sites. These challenges affect productivity and costs and can be avoided. To solve this, Peer Software teamed up with Scality to power multi-site file sharing and backup use cases across the enterprise.



Scality, world leader in object and cloud storage, develops cost-effective Software Defined Storage (SDS): the RING, which serves over 500 million end-users worldwide with over 800 billion objects in production; and the open-source S3 Server. Scality RING software deploys on any industry-standard x86 server, uniquely delivering performance, 100% availability and data durability, while integrating easily in the datacenter thanks to its native support for directory integration, traditional file applications and over 45 certified applications. Scality’s complete solutions excel at serving the specific storage needs of Global 2000 Enterprise, Media and Entertainment, Government and Cloud Provider customers while delivering up to 90% reduction in TCO versus legacy storage. A global company, Scality is headquartered in San Francisco.

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