Cracking the Code on Enabling File Collaboration in a Hybrid Cloud Environment


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Cracking the Code on Enabling File Collaboration in a Hybrid Cloud Environment


NetApp and Peer Software Team up to deliver a World-Class Solution for File Collaboration

Hybrid cloud storage systems that integrate on-premises data storage with cloud-based storage are rapidly becoming the strategy of choice by IT organizations around the world.

As these organizations plan and implement a hybrid cloud architecture, they will likely encounter a number of challenges related to supporting file sharing and collaboration requirements for distributed project teams including:

  • Providing fast access to shared files
  • Maintaining accurate file versioning
  • Synchronizing shared file replicas across multiple locations and data centers
  • Minimizing impacts on WAN resources
  • Meeting security and governance objectives.

These challenges are magnified by the addition of cloud-based storage resources that do not share a common file system with existing on-premises storage platforms. This alone has made the implementation of a cost-effective high-performance file collaboration solution a nearly impossible task in a hybrid cloud environment.

Recently, NetApp and Peer Software teamed up to meet these challenges by introducing a hybrid cloud file collaboration solution that features PeerLink® file collaboration software that can be integrated with NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP and 7-Mode on-premises storage systems, NetApp Private Storage, a near-cloud storage solution, and Cloud ONTAP, a virtual NetApp storage system for Amazon Web Services.

To learn more about this world-class solution please read File Collaboration with NetApp and Peer Software in the Hybrid Cloud, a NetApp Community blog article authored by Clemens Siebler, a Cloud Platform Architect at NetApp.

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