Solution Showcase by ESG – Managing Distributed Remote & Branch Offices

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A Breakthrough Approach to Managing a Distributed ROBO Enterprise


A Solution Showcase published by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). Authors: Jason Buffington (Principal Analyst), Terri McClure (Senior Analyst) and Leah Matuson (Research Analyst).




Managing information systems across remote office and branch office (ROBO) locations has always been challenging. A constant trade-off exists between achieving users’ performance expectations and maintaining a secure, manageable IT environment. Ideally, IT would centralize everything. However, that approach has been unachievable for most enterprises because of WAN performance limitations. As a result, most enterprises continue to manage each ROBO as if it were a small, independent data center. Fortunately, an innovative approach building on the concept of distributed file services may finally eliminate the ROBO enterprise challenge.


“Most organizations with ROBO deployments would deliver IT services entirely through a centralized data center model if they could, but they eventually encounter the realities of trying to deliver these services over their WAN—so they can’t.”