Industry Report by Cadalyst: CAD File Collaboration

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The Cadalyst Report – CAD Collaboration

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The Ultimate Guide to CAD File Collaboration


Understand the benefits and drawbacks of current CAD file sharing technologies as well as the high cost of doing nothing. This must-have guide to selecting the best CAD file sharing and collaboration solution for organizations was published by Cadalyst and Industry Evangelist Robert Green.


The Cadalyst Report


The task of managing CAD files in a collaborative WAN work environment is a big challenge for almost all geographically distributed companies. However, by learning the basic terms of the problem and acquainting yourself with the available strategies and tools, you can determine the best solution for your company and make a case for it in terms that your senior management will understand.


“74% of users who access CAD files remotely are less than satisfied with the performance of their networks.”