File Distribution

Centralized Secure Real-time or Scheduled File Distribution for a Distributed Enterprise

Today’s distributed enterprise relies on the ability to securely get information to every corner of the organization, immediately, when it is required.

Whether it is a corporation extending new collateral and brand elements to their branch offices and global subsidiaries, a bank updating forms and procedures, a government agency distributing new regulations, or a pharmaceutical company that needs to ensure that the latest directions and drug interaction advice have been received, a robust file distribution solution is a must-have, so why is this such a challenge?

Business Challenges in a Distributed Environment

Moving files around in a centralized environment is not a difficult task, but when you consider the complexities of a distributed enterprise with branch offices hundreds or even thousands of miles apart connected by a WAN, the challenges increase.

Moving files from Server A to B is usually straightforward. However, as the amount of files to distribute and the number of recipients increases, so does the complexity of ensuring efficient delivery. For example, what if there are a thousand different files that need to go from Server A to B, C, D, E ….. Z? Some of those files need to be delivered on a particular date (not before or after) and only to some recipients (not all). Different connectivity capabilities exist for different servers (some are via a VPN, while others are over the Internet). And some locations have limited bandwidth capabilities.

Enabling this type of file distribution takes flexible control, distributed processing, bandwidth sensitivity, conditional processing, security, and centralized monitoring.

PeerSync is the Foundation for Enterprise-Grade File Distribution

With these issues in mind, PeerSync Server Edition was created to provide the foundation for your enterprise file distribution requirements. Core features include:

    • One-to-Many configuration
    • Different configuration jobs for each unique distribution requirement
    • Central Configuration Administration
    • Centralized Monitoring for Distribution Status
    • Real-time and Scheduled Processing
    • Open File/Database Distribution
    • Byte-level Replication

Product details