Cross-Platform/Version Data Interoperability for Windows and NetApp Systems

Optimized Data Interoperability for Mixed Environments Powered by DFSR+

Are you implementing a new data storage platform such as NetApp's Clustered Data ONTAP (cDOT) and need to stage the transition of your existing Data ONTAP systems to cDOT? Do you need to support mixed environments of Windows, Data ONTAP 7-Mode (7-Mode) and cDOT? Do you need to synchronize data between these systems and maintain optimal data interoperability?

With DFSR+ powered synchronization solutions from Peer Software you can enjoy the benefits of a mixed environment while ensuring optimal data interoperability, both forward and backward, and have the flexibility you need to transition to newer platforms without disrupting your existing operations.

Continuous Data Availability Between Windows, 7-Mode Data ONTAP and Clustered Data ONTAP is Now Available

With any new enterprise storage platfrom, including cDOT, selecting the right data management tools to assist with transition and data interoperability related tasks is the key to maximizing flexibility when planning and executing system expansion projects.
By utilizing the PeerSync family of products for data interoperability, NetApp storage datainteroppicadministrators can now opt for a gradual, phased approach for upgrading from 7-Mode to cDOT while maintaining support for business continuity and other strategic initiatives.
Working in concert with NetApp's FPolicy API for both 7-Mode and cDOT, PeerSync offers the unique capability to support both forward and backward compatibility between the two systems. This means that real-time, continuous folder and file replication can occur from 7-Mode to cDOT, from cDOT to 7-Mode, or bi-directional between any combination of 7-Mode and cDOT.
Additional capabilities like real-time sync, byte-level replication and cross-platform compatibility between Windows, NetApp 7-Mode Data ONTAP and cDOT make the PeerSync product family your go-to solution for maximizing existing investments in IT technology and accelerating adoption of cDOT. Key solution scenarios include:
    • cDOT backup to 7-Mode: When upgrading just one of multiple 7-Mode systems to cDOT, disaster recovery planning becomes a challenge because only one cDOT system will be in production and SnapMirror and SnapVault are not backwards compatible from cDOT to 7-Mode. To solve this, we recommend PeerSync Backup Edition for NetApp which can be used to provide continuous data protection from cDOT to 7-Mode.

    • 7-Mode backup to cDOT: If the disaster recovery (DR) site has upgraded to cDOT but the branch offices remain on 7-Mode, then PeerSync Backup Edition for NetApp can be used for continuous data protection from each branch office 7-Mode system to the DR site using cDOT.

    • Staggered end-user cutover: For some companies, various limitations preclude them from cutting over end-users from 7-Mode to cDOT all at once. Thus, a period of time is desired where both the old 7-Mode system and the new cDOT system are simultaneously in production and where end-users could be accessing data from either the 7-Mode or cDOT system. To enable this, we recommend PeerSync Migration Edition which moves individual shares on a large volume from 7-Mode to cDOT, and then allows the administrator to make the cDOT copy active (with the 7-Mode inactive/inaccessible) before the entire large volume is migrated. In this case, both the 7-Mode and cDOT systems are active with data and users, but they are never both active with the same data/shares.

    • Roll back capabilities: For any upgrade process, IT administrators desire the ability to roll back to a previously good known state. After upgrading to cDOT, if unforeseen technical issues occur on the new cDOT system, NetApp storage administrators can easily bring back ("roll back") data from the production cDOT system to a 7-Mode system through PeerSync.

Whether you have Windows and NetApp Data ONTAP 7-Mode, or NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP, or even all three, the PeerSync product family simplifies the challenges of data interoperability.

About PeerSync Backup and Migration Edition

PeerSync Backup Edition and PeerSync Migration Edition are members of the PeerSync product family, the industry standard for real-time file replication and synchronization in LAN/WAN environments. Benefitting from over 20 years of continuous enhancement, PeerSync is ideal for high-volume Windows Server, NetApp Data ONTAP 7-Mode, and NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP environments. Key features include:

• Real-time replication • ACL replication
• Byte-level replication • TCP connection
• Multi-threaded replication                     • Unicode compliant
• Bandwidth throttling • Email alerts and reports
• Blackout scheduler • SNMP integration
• Centralized monitoring






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