What's New v9.0.5


PeerSync, Peer-To-Peer Folder Synchronization Utility, Version 9.0.5


To upgrade, double-click on the installation file (peersync90.exe or peersync90-uac.exe) in the Explorer window, or choose "Run" from the Start Menu and then select the application.


If you are upgrading the current version of PeerSync (8.6 to 9.0) simply install the application over your existing PeerSync and the previous version will be backed up in a sub-folder called 'BACKUP' (if the option to keep a backup is selected during the installation).


If you are evaluating a new version of PeerSync 9.0 and you already have an existing copy of PeerSync 8.6 or older, please select a new directory during the installation.


Note: For more information on the latest features and how to implement specific scenarios please go to: http://www.peersoftware.com/support/knowledgebase/category/peersync.html


Embedded Open File Manager (EOFM)


PeerSync's Embedded Open File Manager (EOFM) option was created and bundled into PeerSync through a third party partner named EVault. EVault has announced that EOFM is now "End-of-Life" and no further development or support will be provided. Thus, Peer Software will no longer be including EOFM as part of PeerSync beginning in PeerSync version 9.0. In addition, we are no longer able to provide technical support on EOFM effective immediately.


For Peer Software customers currently using EOFM and who are on a valid maintenance support contract, we offer a FREE upgrade from EOFM to the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) option. We urge all customers to take advantage of this FREE upgrade offer. Peer Software is continuing development and support for VSS.

New Features




NEW! Improved support for Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8.





Fixed an issue during non persistent runs of PeerSync when using Managed Files (VSS) did not always close the PeerSync session properly.


Fixed an issue where during service runs PeerSync would log the following message to the PSError log:


EOutOfResources - Cannot remove shell notification icon (MainPSfrm 18)


Improved non-persistent runs communication with Peer Administrator to display Finished - Waiting for Status Display to Close if applicable and Finished when closed.


Fixed sporadic issue when using the third Open Files method that could cause one of the following messages and/or delays in processing file adds or updates:


Creation of list for Listener failed - [CreateList 2] Error Opening File: SRCFILENAME

Cannot open source file (Added To Retry List): SRCFILENAME

Could not open source file: SRCFILENAME


Changed message reported  from:

Creation of list for Listener failed - [CreateList 2] Error Opening File: SRCFILENAME



Creation of list for Listener failed - Cannot open source file: : SRCFILENAME


Fixed a potential issue where PeerSync would fail to initialize if running with a user account name that is greater than 16 characters in length.


PSError.log Example:


EAccessViolation - Access violation at address 009A360F in module 'PeerSync.exe'. Write of address 0017FDD0 (Init Failed3)


Fixed a potential issue where the getting and setting of ACLs may have caused PeerSync to freeze in some environments.


Fixed an issue where file and/or folder deletes may have been reported during connection failures even though the target files/folders were not actually deleted due to the connection failure.


This could potentially cause files and folders to be brought back after reconnect if running a bi-directional job where the connection failure occurred during a scan and/or the Global Recovery/Offline Options > Failed Connection Options setting was set to Run a scan on reconnect (if needed) within the Profile.


Note: This issue would not normally occur when using the default Deletion Folder option to Move deleted files to an alternate location where the Deletion Folder was set to the same drive as the target folder.


Fixed an issue where installing PeerLock as a service from the Profiler would show the following dialog (The account name is invalid or does not exist...):




Note: This would only occur if the PeerSync service is not installed.


Fixed an issue that may show the following Access Violation message when typing in certain incorrect paths into the source or target selections:


Access Violation


Fixed a potential issue where PeerSync may have become unresponsive after connection failures when processing a large amount of retries.





Fixed an issue where the Advanced Display in the Profiler would not show Unicode characters on the Messages tab.


Fixed an issue where saving display lists to CSV format files would not store Unicode characters properly.  In some cases CSV format files would not automatically load by default in Excel without manually re-saving the file as Unicode or modifying the delimiter in the CSV from tabs to commas.


Fixed a display issue where the current file size transferred for TCP jobs would not be accurate.



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