PeerSync for Servers

PeerLink	  	  	     	 Overview Specification Screen Shot Trial Download    PeerLink File Collaboration is an enterprise-level, real-time, multi-directional, distributed file locking and synchronization technology that ensures the same data exists on all participating servers regardless of where changes occur, and prevents users from accessing files that are currently in-use by another user in the session.   A file collaboration session consists of two or more participating servers, and a folder hierarchy called the Watch Set, located on each server which will be kept synchronized by propagating file locks and modifications to all participating servers in real-time.   PeerLink has local and remote characteristics that form the basis of a distributed application framework.PeerLink installations are composed of 3 primary components:   1. PeerLink Hub The Hub is the central component of the PeerLink framework. All PeerLink solutions are installed, configured and started at the Hub.  2. PeerLink Broker The Broker makes up the central messaging system that supports PeerLink applications. The Broker provides the core communication facility that connects the Hub and Agents in a PeerLink collaboration environment.  3. PeerLink Agent The Agent is a lightweight component that is installed on a networked host that enables it to participate in a PeerLink collaboration environment. Image

The Standard for File Replication in LAN / WAN Environments
for Windows & NetApp Systems

PeerSync for Servers is the industry standard for file replication and synchronization in WAN environments. Benefitting from over 10 years of continuous refinement, our latest version of PeerSync is ideal for high-volume server transactions over networks using LAN and WAN links, and it offers key features for optimizing the system to your requirements.

PeerSync is job-based and can be configured with multiple jobs per server to operate in the following modes:


Support for Reparse Points

PeerSync for Servers Enterprise Edition offers support to synchronize reparse points (Windows only) without bringing back the original files from the archive. PeerSync will simply sync the reparse points to the target system.

Ease of Use

In addition to boosting productivity by assuring on-demand data availability, PeerSync bolsters the bottom line by decreasing your total cost of ownership via flexible licensing options. PeerSync Server requires minimal setup time and administration and has little impact on your current environment. Powerful options, including Open File Management (VSS), ByteReplicator, TCP, and Multi-Threading, further establish PeerSync as the industrial-strength standard for data protection, distribution, and business continuity. 

Supported Platforms

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 - 2012 R2, Microsoft Azure, NetApp Data ONTAP 7.3.5 and higher, 8x (7-Mode), 8.2 and higher (cDOT), and Cloud ONTAP

Hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, federal agencies and mid-sized businesses use this popular software solution for flexible, "bullet-proof" file synchronization to back up their data - all in one extremely affordable package! Just "set it and forget it," and PeerSync Server unobtrusively manages data on a real-time or scheduled basis.