PeerSync - Backup Edition for Laptops

PeerSync Backup for Laptops

WAN-Optimized Backup for Windows Laptops & Workstations

PeerSync Backup Edition for Laptops is not like your traditional backup solution that creates one large backup file (*.bkf); it actually creates and maintains file and directory replicas on the target server in real-time (if connected) or syncs up all changes the next time users are connected to your organization's network. The following scenarios are supported:

    • Windows Client-to-Windows Server
    • Windows Client-to-NetApp Filer

Since PeerSync Backup Edition for Laptops is a true synchronization solution, data transfer in both directions is very easy. As soon as the laptop is connected, it can also collect data that was deposited for it on the central storage server. The ability to define several backup jobs makes it easy to centrally control the pre-loading of data onto a new laptop or to distribute new files / directories to a group of mobile users.


Intelligent Auto-resume

Whenever you have to leave in a rush, just close your laptop and go. There is no need to wait until PeerSync has finished the backup process, as PeerSync is able to handle connection disruptions very well. Files in the middle of being replicated will auto-resume from the point left off prior to connection break as soon as you connect again with your company network.

Comprehensive Enterprise Backup

As an additional benefit, PeerSync Backup Edition for Laptops can be extended with PeerSync Backup Edition for Servers. Built on the same powerful and flexible architecture for continuous data protection, PeerSync Backup Edition for Servers enables IT administrators to leverage their existing solution knowledge to save both time and money.

Ease of Use

In addition to boosting productivity by assuring on-demand data availability, PeerSync Backup Edition for Laptops also bolsters the bottom line by decreasing your total cost of ownership via flexible licensing options. PeerSync for Laptops requires minimal setup time and administration and has little impact on your current environment. Powerful options, including Embedded Open File Manager, ByteReplicator, and TCP, further establish PeerSync as the industrial-strength standard for data protection, distribution, and business continuity. 

Supported Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.x and Windows 10

Hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, federal agencies and mid-sized businesses use this popular software solution for flexible, "bullet-proof" file synchronization to back up their data - all in one extremely affordable package! Just "set it and forget it," and PeerSync unobtrusively manages data on a real-time or scheduled basis.