Peer Operations Center

PeerLink	  	  	     	 Overview Specification Screen Shot Trial Download    PeerLink File Collaboration is an enterprise-level, real-time, multi-directional, distributed file locking and synchronization technology that ensures the same data exists on all participating servers regardless of where changes occur, and prevents users from accessing files that are currently in-use by another user in the session.   A file collaboration session consists of two or more participating servers, and a folder hierarchy called the Watch Set, located on each server which will be kept synchronized by propagating file locks and modifications to all participating servers in real-time.   PeerLink has local and remote characteristics that form the basis of a distributed application framework.PeerLink installations are composed of 3 primary components:   1. PeerLink Hub The Hub is the central component of the PeerLink framework. All PeerLink solutions are installed, configured and started at the Hub.  2. PeerLink Broker The Broker makes up the central messaging system that supports PeerLink applications. The Broker provides the core communication facility that connects the Hub and Agents in a PeerLink collaboration environment.  3. PeerLink Agent The Agent is a lightweight component that is installed on a networked host that enables it to participate in a PeerLink collaboration environment. Image

Centralized Management and Monitoring for PeerSync Backup Edition

The Peer Operations Center provides visibility into PeerSync Backup Edition, enabling administrators not just to review their PeerSync running instances in a centrally managed console but also to plan the deployment, generate silent installs, and get alerts when certain machines are not backed up for a certain threshold of time.

Peer Operations Center is a comprehensive management solution, from planning and configuration to rollout and monitoring.

Main Features

  • Secure Web-based Console
  • Wizard-driven Configuration
  • Wizard-driven Deployment
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Central Monitoring
  • Activity / Alert Reports
  • Central License Management
  • End-user Alert Notification
  • Role-based Access

Silent Installation Package Generation

Automated Silent Installation Package generation, with pre-configured settings and backup configuration. The Silent Installation package can be distributed through the Operations Center distribution functionality or through any outside software distribution process.

End-user Alert Notification

Integrated functionality to alert users of backup inactivity and/or failed backups.

Deployment Distribution

Through Active Directory integration, the Operations Center offers the ability to distribute the Silent Install Package/Deployment to associated users by email. This process will also allow the administrator to track download of the package through the Deployment Management section of the product. Alternatively, the deployment package can be downloaded and distributed through third-party software distribution tools or Group Policy.

Multi-role/Multi-user Account Access Control

Create custom roles with specific permissions and access control. This feature allows Operations Center users to be in charge of specific deployments, further limiting access by having read-only permissions set for a specific role.